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Grace Lutheran Church
Ministry Plan 2008


Growing in Grace 2008 

Ministry Plan 




Mission Statement 

Grace is a community of faith that emerges out of the rich Biblical and Lutheran tradition.  Born in the waters of Baptism and nourished on the Feast of Christ we strive to live out the good news of Jesus Christ in all we do. 

We gather together on Sunday to be scattered for the sake of the world throughout the week. 


Faith Formation 


We will provide opportunities for all members to grow in their understanding of themselves, the world and God. 


·  Worship  (Practicing the Faith) 

1.  We will fully incorporate Evangelical Lutheran Worship into our worship life. 

2.  We will expand choir rehearsals to include week night rehearsals 

3.  We will explore the possibility of a children’s choir 

4.  We will explore the recruitment and training of Eucharistic ministers to take communion to the sick and shut in. 

5.  We will provide additional opportunities to celebrate Evening Prayer together (festivals, Advent etc.) 

6.  We will work to provide intentional hospitality to visitors.




·  Catechesis (Learning the Faith)


1.   We will continue “Wrestling with Jakob and His Sons” through May and review  and assess whether such a format should be continued for the fall of 2008.


2.  We will introduce an after-church Kids Ministry for children grades




3.  We will develop summer programming for all ages.


4.  We will host at least 2 parent/child retreats this year.


5.  We will establish a working Passing on the Faith task force to review the program and recommendation provided through


Child in our Hands (Pastor Dick Hardel).


6.  We will assess our confirmation ministry


Making Disciples




We will continue to encourage members in the living out of their faith both in the life of the congregation and in the world.




· Mutual Consolation of the Faithful


           1.  We will implement the St. Fran Project for ongoing care and communication with the family of Grace.


2.  We will reestablish the women’s support group


3.  We will establish a parenting support group


4.  We will review and assess the needs of our youth


5.  We will expand the Prayer Group


6.  We will continue to encourage and support the work of the Women of Grace.


7.  We will establish a spirituality group.


· Local Outreach


1.  We will continue our relationship with SAFE


2.  We will continue Project St. Nicholas


3.  We will continue to participate in Food For Friends


4.  We will continue to participate in the Ministerium’s Transient program


5.  We will participate in the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Drive




6.  We will continue to support the work of the Project Group




· Synod/ELCA Outreach


1.  We will continue our support of Bethesda Children’s Home at Christmas


2.  We will participate in the cluster  and its service project(s)


3.  We will review and explore the establishment of relations with


other  synod social ministry organization.


4.  We will set  a goal of 15% for Mission Support


5.  We will assess our outreach to the Clarion University campus


6.  We will set  $ 750 as our goal for World Hunger in 2008


7.  We will support one domestic relief effort


8.  We will support one overseas mission effort



Leadership Development




1.  We will recruit and develop teachers for faith formation.


2.  We will recruit and train Eucharistic ministers.


3.  We will identify and support candidates for the ordained ministry


4.  We will provide education and encouragement of faithful giving.


5.  We will recruit, educate and support communion assistants, lectors and acolytes.










1.  We will continue to seek organizational structures that enable us


to facilitate our ministry.


2.  We will hold an annual council retreat  in August for the purpose of review and planning.


3.  We will develop a Pastoral Care Committee for review  of the work of the ordained staff.








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