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Taking Faith Home

Mealtime Prayer:  
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; Praise him, all creatures here below; Praise him above, you heavenly hosts. Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Amen.
I thank you, heavenly Father, through your dear Son, Jesus  Christ, that you have protected  me through the night from all  harm and danger,  I ask you  to keep me this day, too, from  all sin and evil, so that in all my  thoughts, words and deeds I  may please you.  In your hands I place my body and soul and all that is mine.  Let your holy angel be with me, so that the evil one may have no power over me.   Amen.
I thank you, heavenly Father, through your dear Son, Jesus Christ, that you have graciously   protected me today.  I ask you to forgive all my sins and the wrong which I have done.  And graciously keep me this night. In your hands I place my body and   soul and all that is mine. Let your holy angel be with me, so that the evil one may have no power over me.  Amen.

Taking faith home

CARING CONVERSATION: Discuss in your household or small group:   
 •    Share about a time when you felt close to those in your household, or to another group of people.    •    1 John 1:3-4 speaks about “fellowship.” What is fellowship? What does it mean to have fellowship with God?   
· How does our fellowship with God give us fellowship with other people?  Share some examples from your own life.
DEVOTIONS: 1 John 1:9 tells us of God’s wonderful forgiveness. In your home devotion time this week, confess your sins together and celebrate God’s grace given through Jesus.
Words of Confession: All say together: Almighty God, we admit that we are sinners. We have sinned against you and others by what we have thought, said and done. We ask for your mercy. Please be kind to us for Jesus’ sake. Amen.
Assurance of Forgiveness:  A leader says: The Bible says that if we think that we haven’t sinned we are fooling ourselves. But if we admit our sins to God, he can always be trusted to forgive us. God has been kind to us. He has given his only Son Jesus to die for us, and we are forgiven because of him. We can go in peace. Amen. Give each other hugs or handshakes as a sign of God’s forgiveness.
SERVICE: Acts 4:32-34 says that the first followers of Jesus shared their belongings with other one another and made sure that all those in their community were cared for. Is there someone in your community who is in need at this time – socially, emotionally or physically?  Plan a way you can respond to that need as a household.
RITUALS AND TRADITIONS: What does your household stand for?  What gives your household a sense of togetherness or unity?  Take time out to discuss these questions with each other. Then, design a Household Shield or Household Logo, incorporating symbols that reflect your household’s unique identity and purpose. You may wish to include reference to a Bible verse, such as Psalm 133:1. Place your finished shield or logo design in a prominent place. Use it to help you remember what is most important in your  home life.

If we say that we have not sinned, we are fooling ourselves, and the truth isn’t in our hearts. But if we confess our sins to God, he can always be trusted to forgive us and take our sins away. 1 John 1:8-9 (CEV)

A Prayer for the Week:  Lord Jesus, please lead us through our doubts to stronger faith in you. Amen.

Mealtime Prayer:  Loving God, thank you for your good gifts. Unite us as we gather together. Make us one with you and one another. Amen.

A Blessing to Give:  May the risen Lord Jesus give you peace. May your faith in him stay strong. Amen.
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