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Grace Dwells in the Word

Discussion Questions for November 13, 2016
Ordinary 33

from WorkingPreacher.org

Discussion Questions for Pentecost 26

  1. If someone is undergoing hardship or persecution, how can you assure them of God’s faithfulness? (Luke 21:12-19)
  2. How do you remain grounded in hope when feeling as though the world is closing in? (Luke 21:5-19)
  3. In our fast-paced and success-driven life, how do we help one another find a work-rest balance? (2 Thess 3:11)
  4. Both nature and music help us sing a new song. How can you use both to “make a joyful noise”? (Psalm 98)


This week's Reflect & Connect questions written by Julie B. Sevig.

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