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Grace Notes

In addition, to your weekly Grace Notes  I recommend a couple of websites.
Faith @ Home, faithathome.com, offers guided lectionary based reading and reflections
Vibrant Faith at Home, vibrantfaithathome.com, offers creative activities to help incorporate faith practices (Talk, Pray, Ritualize, Reach Out)
Both are linked from our website growingingraceclarion.com Also on growingingraceclarion.com Grace Dwells in the Word is a weekly Bible Study in the style of Bible Conversations.
Keep checking us out on the web and on Facebook. We hope to keep developing more resources as we all travel through this time of worshiping in our homes for the sake of our neighbors.
Grace Notes through Holy Week 2020          (Monday-Wednesday)
Holy Week service of Confession and forgiveness
In the name of the Father, and of the + Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.
God of heaven and earth, to whom all hearts are open, all desires known and from whom no secrets are hid: Equip us by your Spirit to confess our sin, embrace your forgiveness, and seek the way you set before us in your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.
Isaiah 42:1-9
The servant brings forth justice
Psalm 36:5-11
All people take refuge under the shadow of your wings. (Ps. 36:7)
Hebrews 9:11-15
The redeeming blood of Christ
John 12:1-11
Mary anoints the feet of Jesus
Isaiah 49:1-7
The servant brings salvation to earth’s ends
Psalm 71:1-14
From my mother’s womb you have been my strength. (Ps. 71:6)
1 Corinthians 1:18-31
Christ crucified, the wisdom of God
John 12:20-36
The hour has come
Isaiah 50:4-9a
The servant is vindicated by God
Psalm 70
Be pleased, O God, to deliver me. (Ps. 70:1)
Hebrews 12:1-3
Look to Jesus, who endured the cross
John 13:21-32
The departure of Jesus’ betrayer
With honesty of heart, let us confess our sin.
An extended silence is kept.
Merciful God, forgive us.
Our will is handcuffed to sin, and we cannot break free.
We have spoken when we should have kept quiet.
We were silent when we should have said something.
We acted when we knew better.
We were still when we know we should have moved.
For the wrong we have done, for the good we have failed to do, have mercy on us, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.
God, who is rich in mercy, loved us even when we were dead in sin, and made us alive together with Christ. By grace you have been saved. In the name of ? Jesus Christ, your sins are forgiven. Almighty God strengthen you with power through the Holy Spirit, that Christ may live in your hearts through faith.  Amen.
O God, your Son chose the path that led to pain before joy and to the cross before glory. Plant his cross in our hearts, so that in its power and love we may come at last to joy and glory, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.
Lord Jesus, you have called us to follow you. Grant that our love may not grow cold in your service, and that we may not fail or deny you in the time of trial, for you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Amen.
Almighty God, your Son our Savior suffered at human hands and endured the shame of the cross. Grant that we may walk in the way of his cross and find it the way of life and peace, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Amen.
I thank you, heavenly Father, through your dear Son, Jesus  Christ, that you have protected  me through the night from all  harm and danger,  I ask you  to keep me this day, too, from  all sin and evil, so that in all my  thoughts, words and deeds I  may please you.  In your hands I place my body and soul and all that is mine.  Let your holy angel be with me, so that the evil one may have no power over me.   Amen.
God, our peace and our strength, we pray for our nation and the world as we face new uncertainties around coronavirus. Protect the most vulnerable among us, especially all who are currently sick or in isolation. Grant wisdom, patience, and clarity to health care workers, especially as their work caring for others puts them at great risk. Guide us as we consider how best to prepare and respond in our families, congregations, workplaces, and communities. Give us courage to face these days not with fear but with compassion, concern, and acts of service, trusting that you abide with us always; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Gracious God, it is good for us to gather as your beloved in community. We treasure your presence with us in word and meal, song and prayer. Be with us in these days when gathering together as often as we would like is not possible. When we must be apart for reasons of safety, we trust that you surround us with your sheltering wings. Encourage us in connecting as we are able, reaching out to our neighbors in need and being persistent in prayer. We ask this in the name of Jesus, our constant companion. Amen.
Almighty and merciful God, Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit blessus now and forever.  Amen.
Go in peace.  Christ has made you free.
Thanks be to God.
Additional Prayers
National distress Eternal God, amid all the turmoil and changes of the world your love is steadfast and your strength never fails. In this time of danger and trouble, be to us a sure guardian and rock of defense. Guide the leaders of our nation with your wisdom, comfort those in distress, and grant us courage and hope to face the future; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. 
Time of conflict, crisis, disaster O God, where hearts are fearful and constricted, grant courage and hope. Where anxiety is infectious and widening, grant peace and reassurance. Where impossibilities close every door and window, grant imagination and resistance. Where distrust twists our thinking, grant healing and illumination. Where spirits are daunted and weakened, grant soaring wings and strengthened dreams. All these things we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. 
Those in civil authority Almighty God, our heavenly Father, bless the public servants in the government of this state/province/city/town ________, that they may do their work in a spirit of wisdom, charity, and justice. Help them use their authority to serve faithfully and to promote our common life; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. 
The chronically ill and those who support them Loving God, your heart overflows with compassion for your whole creation. Pour out your Spirit on all people living with illness for which there is no cure, as well as their families and loved ones. Help them to know that you claim them as your own and deliver them from fear and pain; for the sake of Jesus Christ, our healer and Lord. 
Caregivers and others who support the sick God, our refuge and strength, our present help in time of trouble, care for those who tend the needs of [the sick]/ [ name/s ]. Strengthen them in body and spirit. Refresh them when weary; console them when anxious; comfort them in grief; and hearten them in discouragement. Be with us all, and give us peace at all times and in every way; through Christ our peace. 
Health care providers Merciful God, your healing power is everywhere about us. Strengthen those who work among the sick; give them courage and confidence in all they do. Encourage them when their efforts seem futile or when death prevails. Increase their trust in your power even to overcome death and pain and crying. May they be thankful for every sign of health you give, and humble before the mystery of your healing grace; through Jesus Christ our Lord. 
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Taking faith home
CARING CONVERSATION: Discuss in your household or small group: • Can you remember a time when you gave up something for       someone else? Tell your story. • Philippians 2:7-8 says that Jesus “gave up everything and became a       slave when he became like one of us.” Why did Jesus do this?
DEVOTIONS: Find a bare branch and place it in a pot. Each day of Holy Week, attach a different symbol to the branch and read the associated Scripture passage.     •   Palm Sunday: Read Matthew 21:1-9. Place twigs and strips of cloth           at the foot of the branch to symbolize the cloaks and branches           spread on the road as Jesus entered Jerusalem.     •   Monday: Read Matthew 21:42-46. Place a stone at the foot of the           branch to symbolize Jesus, the stone that was rejected.     •   Tuesday: Read Matthew 26:6-13. Hang a small bottle of perfume           from the branch.     •   Wednesday: Read Matthew 26:14-16. Hang a bag of coins on the branch.     •   Maundy Thursday: Read Matthew 26:17-30. Place a small plate and           cup at the foot of the cross as a reminder of the Last Supper.     •   Good Friday: Read Matthew 27:1,33-50. Hammer small nails into             the branch and attach a sign reading “This is Jesus, King of the Jews”.     •   Saturday: Read Matthew 27:57-60. Place a black cloth over the           branch.     •   Easter Sunday: Read Matthew 28:1-10. Remove the black cloth and           decorate the branch with flowers, paper butterflies or paper           streamers.
SERVICE: Make a household act of service a “must” in your observance of Holy Week. Find a way to serve your own family, or perhaps help a neighbor.
RITUALS AND TRADITIONS: This week we remember the journey of Jesus from his entry in Jerusalem to his death and resurrection. These stories are central to our faith; gathering together to reflect on the events of Jesus’ passion and letting the structure of Holy Week guide our home activities connect our daily lives with the life and death of Christ.
He gave up everything and became a slave, when he became like one of us. Christ was humble. He obeyed God and even died on a cross.  Philippians 2:7-8 (CEV)
A Prayer for the Week: Jesus, you truly are the Son of God! Thank you for dying to give us life! Amen.
Mealtime Prayer: Lord Jesus, you have given us so much - your life to save us, and good food to feed us. Help us to live for you. Amen.
A Blessing to Give: May God give you faith to believe in Jesus as God’s Son. May God help you to trust Jesus as your Savior, and to humbly serve him. Amen.
bible readings
These readings are related to the Lectionary readings for this Sunday. We invite you to take time each day to read the assigned Bible passage.
Sunday Matthew 21:1-11 Jesus enters Jerusalem Monday Matthew 21:42-46 The stone the builders rejected Tuesday Matthew 26:6-13 Jesus anointed at Bethany Wednesday Matthew 26:14-16 Judas agrees to betray Jesus Thursday Matthew 26:17-30 The Last Supper Friday Matthew 27:1,33-50 Jesus dies on the cross Saturday Matthew 27:57-60 The burial of Jesus Sunday Matthew 28:1-10 He has risen!
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