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Grace Lutheran Church
Adult Baptism Prepartion
Adult Catechumenate

(Preparing   adults for baptism, affirmation of baptismal vows, confirmation, and church membership)

This is the process whereby the church has welcomed the unbaptized adult into the Christian faith through Baptism.  The process affirms the work of the whole community of faith in the baptismal task. 

Inquiry:  The process of preparing for adult baptism can begin at any time during the year.  The first step in that process is Inquiry.  Those considering adult baptism should meet with the pastor to discuss the process in more detail.  This period of inquiry is especially attentive to, and shaped by, the needs of inquirers.  During this period inquirers will be joined by sponsors who will accompany them on their faith journey.

Catechumenate:  On the First Sunday in Advent those who are prepared to enter more fully into the process are Welcomed by the congregation as part of the worship service.  At this time weekly sessions begin. 

The catechumenate is an open-ended period of time during which catechumens  explore the Christian faith more deeply through the reading of scripture, prayer, worship, and ministry in daily life.  This period of reflection and study may last from several months to more than a year.

On the First Sunday in Lent candidates are Enrolled into the discipline of Lent: prayer, fasting and works of charity.  On this Sunday they make public their intentions to be baptized into the Christian way of life.  Throughout the Lenten season they will be blessed and prayed for by the congregation.

Baptismal Preparation:  Lent is a six-week period of final baptismal preparation for candidates who will be baptized at the Easter Vigil. The Rite of Holy Baptism is celebrated at the Easter Vigil (the evening before Easter) in a powerful and mysterious service. 

Baptismal Living:  The newly baptized continue their gatherings each week of Easter to reflect on the mysteries of Baptism, Holy Communion and the life of Confession and Forgiveness. 

Throughout this process attention will be paid to how one lives out one’s baptismal calling in daily life.  On Pentecost Sunday the baptized publicly announce their choices of vocation in the church and in the world.

Affirmation of Baptism

Adults who have been baptized but have not experienced a time of regular faith development (such as confirmation instruction), may be encouraged to join in the adult catechumenate group as a way of preparing for reception into membership through affirmation.  At the Easter Vigil they will be asked to affirm the baptismal vows they have made rather than being baptized.

[Inquiry about the Adult Catechumenate process for either baptism or affirmation of baptism should be addressed to Pastor Jacobson 226-7548]


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